(VIDEO) - I Want The Worlds Biggest Boobs! - Lacey Wildd

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Публикувано 12 Apr 2023 / в Други

I Want The Worlds Biggest Boobs! Lacey Wildd wants the biggest breasts in the world and is having boob jobs to achieve her dream.

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Single mom of six Lacey Wildd already has size LLL cup boobs, and she's on a mission to get even bigger boobs - so she can be crowned the woman with the largest breasts in the world. But her children say they are embarrassed by their mum's huge breasts and want her to stop. Lacey, from Miami, Florida, says she spent her whole life bringing up her kids but now she wants to find fame as one of the world's biggest boob models and with the biggest boobs in the world so she can earn money to support her family. Four of her children Tori, 16, Michael, 15, Brandon, 10, and Jenaveve, five, still live at home, and Tori has faced teasing at school because of her mum's massive breasts. But despite her children's fears, Lacey plans to go ahead with surgery to increase her boobs to size MM. She plans to become one of the top six big breasted women, and would love to have the world's biggest boobs one day.

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